Fossil Fuel Campaign & Divestment Commitments

Campaigns Against Fossil Fuels

Dogwood Initiatives BC

Campaign: Break Free From Fossil Fuels

“Only governments captured by the oil and gas industry would build not one, but two pipelines during a climate crisis at the end of the oil age. Here in B.C., billions of dollars of public money…

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Environmental Defence

Campaign: Ending Fossil Fuel Subsidies

The Canadian and some federal governments continually support fossil fuel companies through subsidies, tax breaks, and writes off despite promising to put an end to these practices almost 10…

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Campaign: RBC – Stop Funding Climate Destruction and the Violation of Indigenous Rights

“Out of all the banks, RBC is Canada’s biggest funder of fossil fuels. In just five years, they financed $183 billion in climate-killing fossil fuel projects. That’s not all. Even though they promised their oil and gas clients…

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Rainforest Action Network

Campaign: Defund Climate Change

RAN’s Defund Climate Change campaign targets some of the largest financial supporters of the fossil fuel industry; banks, and insurance companies. “Big banks have been making billions of dollars…

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Greenpeace Canada

Campaign: Build Back Fossil Free

COVID-19 resulted in devastating damages to the Canadian economy, but this also presents a unique opportunity to build back better and to transition towards a green economy, leaving fossil fuels…

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West Coast Environmental Law

Campaign: Tar Sands, Pipelines and Tankers

“Proposed tar sands infrastructure projects are being pushed forward in BC, despite the fact that many affected Indigenous Nations have refused consent under their own laws, and in the face of widespread…

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350 Canada

Campaign: Just Transition Act

In 2019 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised to introduce the Just Transition Act that would ensure working Canadians would have the resources available to them, to transition to a green economy…

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Campaign: Tumelo Personal

Tumelo is a free online resource that allows you to discover which companies are in your pension fund and makes voting on topics discussed at their annual general meetings easy. Additionally, Tumelo…

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Climate Pledge Collective

Campaign: Bank Switch

“Bank Switch is a campaign targeting Canadian banks – amoung the world’s biggest fossil fuel financiers. The big 5 Canadian banks have pumped over $600 Billion into fossil fuel companies since the Paris…

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Divest Canada Coalition

Campaign: Canadian Universities: Divest from Fossil Fuels

“Canada’s largest group of students calling for universities and colleges to divest from fossil fuels. This coalition of 30 groups from institutions across Canada are demanding that universities and…

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Global Fossil Fuel Commitments 

For a complete list of global fossil-fuel commitments and a breakdown by industry, check out the Global Fossil Fuel Commitments Database, produced by and