Environmental Defence

Ending Fossil Fuel Subsidies

The Canadian and some federal governments continually support fossil fuel companies through subsidies, tax breaks, and writes off despite promising to put an end to these practices almost 10 years ago. This campaign is lobbying for:

1.Public financial support becoming transport and accountable 

2.End subsidies that support the fossil fuel industry

Under this campaign environmental defence shares the latest news related to the campaign as well as publishes various reports that expose the realities of the fossil fuel industry and the Canadian government. You can read each report here:

Canadia’s Federal Fossil Fuel Subsidies in 2020 

Two Steps Back: How BC’s Fossil Fuel Subsidies Lock in Carbon Emissions

Risking It All: How Export Development Canada’s Support for Fossil Fuels Drives Climate Change

Still Digging: G20 Governments Continue to Finance the Climate Crisis

Learn More: https://environmentaldefence.ca/campaign/ending-fossil-fuel-subsidies/