Below are some factsheets we have produced to address issues relating to oil sands divestment.

As well as divesting from the oil sands it’s possible to have greater impact by directing your investment to renewables. But there’s some confusion about what investing in renewables actually means, so let’s start by clearing that up. { READ MORE }

While there is a strong moral and political case for divestment from oil sands, we also believe there is a strong economic argument. Beyond the risk of fossil fuel assets becoming stranded in the future, with the most expensive assets like oil sands likely to be the first affected, oil sands stocks have also been poor performers. { READ MORE }.


As the fossil fuel divestment movement has accelerated globally many personal and institutional investors have resisted it on the grounds that engagement is a more effective strategy. The argument goes that if responsible investors divest their shares will simply be taken by less scrupulous investors. { READ MORE }



An index fund – also know as passive investing – is a type of mutual fund that tracks a particular market index, for example the S&P 500, or FTSE. Index funds can track the whole or part of an index. About 50 per cent of funds in the U.S. and Asia are now invested in index funds, and this percentage is growing globally. { READ MORE }