Bank of Canada Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance Recommends Environmentally Sound Investing

Mobilizing Finance for Sustainable Growth, lays out a package of recommendations aimed at ‘connecting the dots’ between Canada’s climate objectives, economic ambitions and investment imperatives. The recommendations seek to leverage Canada’s financial acumen to facilitate and accelerate market activities, behaviours and structures that — at scale — could put Canada and its key industries at the forefront of the transition to a climate-smart economy.

As the effects of climate change are becoming more evident around the world, we are also seeing shifts in consumer preferences, innovation, economic activity, competitive advantage and wealth creation. Consumers are increasingly looking for services and products with a smaller environmental footprint. Climate-smart innovations are no longer marginal alternatives — they are becoming a massive global market opportunity yielding quality jobs. With these shifts, sound environmental stewardship is increasingly intersecting with market access and becoming a critical source of sustained competitive advantage.

Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance