Welcome to Tar Sands Divestment

This website is for investors who want to divest from the Alberta oil sands, reinvest in an environmentally friendly way, and get a good return on their investments.

On the 17th June 2019, the Canadian Government declared a climate emergency. How we deal with this emergency is up to all Canadians, not only our Government.

The site focuses on the Alberta Tar Sands because oil sands are the most polluting kind of oil that exists. Stopping the exploitation of the oil sands, while ensuring decent alternative jobs for current oil workers, has to be a key response to the climate emergency. One way to do this is to divest from companies that work in the oil sands.

Under Resources you’ll find a lot of information about divestment so that you can decide if this is the right decision for you.

Under What Can I do? you’ll find information about what individual investors can talk about with their fund manager and information for fund managers themselves.

If you want information about why divesting from oil sands is also economically sensible read about The economic case.

The Campaigns tab will keep up to date with campaigns that focus on divestment from the oil sands.

Under Divestment timeline you’ll find a growing list of major financial institutions that have divested from oil sands or the fossil fuel industry entirely.

If you have divested, or have thoughts about divestment, please visit Tell us about your experience.